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Express glazing.  Polish Amiral Gloss Saphir helps individuals to achieve a high gloss, glacage finish on the most difficult of leathers. Due to the hard waxes and  solvents it contains, it allows simple rapid glazing.

A product which gives quicker results than using other products like Saphir Médaille d’Or Pâte de Luxe (which, due to its softer formula nourishes and hydrates the leather, which Amiral Gloss does not) as it dries faster.

Suggestions for use

First apply Saphir Médaille d’OrPommadier Cream, Creme surfine or Saphir Médaille d’Or Pâte de Luxe wax. Then Use the Amiral Gloss and apply on the areas you want a mirror finish effect.


It is best to

– Apply in thin coats.
– Available in neutral or black
– Perfect blending with tiny drops water.
– Intended for glazing of the hard parts of the shoe, tips and stiffener, excluding the areas where the leather folds.

copy of Saphir Amiral Gloss 50ml

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