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Avel Hussard Ball Pen Remover Smooth Leather removes ballpoint pen and ink marks from smooth leather.

PLEASE NOTE: Removing Ink from leather is a tough job and success depends on the colour of the ink and the colour and type of leather. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it can be removed, however this product will remove it, if it is possible to do so.  

Apply this liquid stain remover with a polishing cloth and gently tap the product onto leather that has previously been dusted. Always test the ink stain remover beforehand on a hidden area of the leather to ensure that it is not too abrasive. To complete the leather care process, apply a shoe cream to nourish and recolour the leather which will mask the ink stain.

Store the Avel Hussard ink stain remover in a cool, dry place.

  • How to use: Apply this product on a cotton swab and slowly press it on the affected areas. Gently dab on the remover over a small area to eliminate the ink a bit at a time

    Be advised some of the inks are indelible and may not completely disappear. If colouration of leather goods is affected by this ink remover we recommend using Avel Cream Renovator for re-colouration.
    Improper use may damage leather. 

    SIZE : 30ml Bottle

copy of Avel Ball Pen Remover

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