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  • Suitable for day and night use.
  • It is so slim, you can wear it with your shoe!

ActyToe is a hinged splint to help bunion pain relief and to aid correction, for use during normal daily activity, during rest and throughout the night. It is specially designed for movement and to reduce pain while walking. It comes with a comfortable, adjustable strap and a flexible hinge that can be locked for better support when you are resting. It is designed with a memory foam cushion for added comfort.

- Pain relief for painful bunions
- Suitable for mild or moderate malpositioning of the big toe
- For maintaining toe position after bunion surgery
- Suitable for daily use
- Suitable for walking


- Temporary relief of pain, inflammation and discomfort of the bunion during physical activity



• Locking clip for splint immobilization (0° and 30° dorsi- and plantar flexion)

• Memory foam cushion
• Adjustable correction angle (0° and 10°)
• Adjustable, thin and soft straps
• Anatomically contoured splint
• Breathable and lightweight materials
• For day and night wear
• Suitable for walking
• Used on either left and right foot
• Can be worn with wide footwear


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